Why free standing kitchen units?



Free standing kitchen units are the most versatile of kitchen cupboards around. They can be moved around to change the look of the kitchen from time to time. This flexibility allows the owner to be more creative with the use of space, as well as the decor used in the kitchen. Many of the units can be used in other rooms in the home, such as the dining room where a welsh dresser unit will fit in beautifully. Some of the units would also work well in the bathroom, study or kids rooms.


Many houses in South Africa are old. Free standing furniture can blend in well with country style themes, as well as French inspired spaces that remind us of a time when life was less hectic and more relaxed. However, free standing units are also available in many different styles and as a result, more contemporary designs are also available for the modern home.


Free standing units are made from better quality materials than regular fitted kitchens. Fitted kitchens are made from melamine, a name given to chipboard with a PVC coating on it. Fitted kitchens get their strength from being attached to the walls of your home. Anyone who has seen an old kitchen will know what water does to melamine and once melamine has been wet, it is essentially destroyed. Free standing kitchens are made from a variety of materials, from MDF (Supawood) to plywood and solid wood. These materials are stronger and more durable than melamine and are more water resistant. All materials used in the manufacturing of free standing units are painted in a variety of finishes and techniques, that not only look good, but also offer great protection against water damage.


Free standing units can be bought as and when needed or as your budget allows. Being free standing, there is no professional fitting required (except for plumbing and electrical work). This means that you don’t need to have a huge capital outlay for something that you may not be entirely happy with in the long term. Free standing units can be taken with you when you move house as well, so your investment goes with you. Additional items can be purchased as your spaces increase.


Don’t want to miss out on all the great new gadgets and accessories out there? Well, there is no need to. Free standing units can be fitted with a multitude of modern fittings while retaining its charm. Some examples of this are soft close systems for doors and drawers, pull out larder and spice rack systems, recycling systems, rubbish bins, corner carousels and even electrically powered drawers. Some of these systems can even be retro fitted should the need arise after your purchase.


Feel like a face-lift for your kitchen, or just one of the units? A visit to your local DIY store is all that is needed. Depending on the paint technique chosen, your free standing units can be very easily repainted to any colour you can think of. A simple paint brush, some water and paint and you could have a new kitchen in a couple of days. There is no need to even sand down the existing finish as we will consult with you when you purchase your units and help to choose a finish that is suited to you personally. This means that you are not stuck with the same look for years to come and you can change with the current trends or as your home needs evolve.

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