Free Standing Kitchen Units

Our highly skilled craftsmen can custom make just about any kitchen units as either a freestanding option or fitted option. Our kitchen units can be built in a variety of solid woods and finishes built for functionality and beauty.

The Dublin range have perfect units to accompany your free standing kitchen set up such as the 2 door floor unit, the 2 door wall unit or the well-designed corner unit to maximize on space. We also have the neat and elegant the cutlery unit and the slightly smaller floor unit with 4 draws and one door. There are two cleverly designed free standing grocery units, the Dublin grocery unit and the Dublin specialized grocery unit which really maximizes on space. We also have three elegantly hand crafted freestanding Welsh dressers namely the Dublin Welsh Dresser , the Florence Welsh Dresser and the Welsh Dresser where the top section serves as a lovely display/storage unit .

The units are made from MDF and plywood, manufactured in white, but available in custom colours and sizes on request. We invite you to view an example of our full kitchen layout showing some of the custom built units and finishes.

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